A Historic Gettysburg Getaway, three great routes, one-night accommodations and a great BBQ and Riders' Festival with Live Entertainment!

What makes this ride truly special, is that you will have the opportunity to ride with the wounded heroes who have benefited from the work that Yellow Ribbon Fund does in the veteran community.

Yellow Ribbon 50-Plus

This 53 (or so)-mile ride will start and end at the Eisenhower Hotel in Gettyburg.  We recommend this route for experienced riders and for those with no sense at all. It might be hilly. See the route on Ride with GPS:

Yellow Ribbon 25-Plus

This course is only slightly less challenging than the 50-Plus (which makes us only slightly less irritated with Phil).  Check out this route with Ride with GPS:

The Yellow Ribbon 10

If you're here for the festival and watching the 50-milers drag their tired butts across the finish line then this ride's for you!  Phil says it's easy peasy but he's a known liar and also, never trust a sign on the road that says "Last Hill"  Check out the route on Ride with GPS:

(NOTE: based on road conditions on Ride Day, routes may change. Updates will be made in Ride with GPS)